The Gramercy Vegas – a home for every generation

I recently was invited to spend the day touring the Residences at The Gramercy. The Gramercy is a Urban Lifestyle Inspired Luxury Apartment development. The concept is similar to what is more common in big city living like New York City or Chicago. A careful balance of privacy and community where you can relax, work, eat and play all without leaving home.

The retail and commercial portions consist of several places to eat, get your fill of caffeine, a nail salon and a gym to make sure you stay fit as well. There are over 200,000 square feet of rentable office and retail space which leaves endless possibilities at the Gramercy.
During our tour, it sank in why people would love this place and call it their home. Just imagine, we no longer have to leave our residence to grab a good coffee, some tacos or just do our nails. The Gramercy has shops onsite. I no longer have to ask my husband to drive me to experience pampering at the nail salon, enjoy a tasty meal at Pinches Tacos  or lounge at the pool. I could clearly see how nice it would be to live here.
  • Step one of my imaginary day here would be to park the car in the safe and secure underground parking because, I probably wont need to leave.
  • Swing by Cuppa the Coffee bar
  • Take my two bubbas for a stroll at the on site Dog park.
  • Get a good work out at the on site gym
  • Have a bite to eat at DW Bistro or Kitchen Table
  • Pamper myself at NOHEA NAILS the Nail Salon
  • Go for a swim at the luxurious pool and do some lounging with a good book
  • Have a meal just a few steps away from your home. You may want to try Pinches Tacos or Portion Control
  • Enjoy a movie at the outdoor community theatre with some of my neighbors
  • Retire to my beautiful Luxury Apartment which ranges from a Penthouse Loft to 1, 2 & 3 bedroom Apartments


Having a home where so much can be accomplished without actually leaving would be amazing. The Gramercy is growing all the time and the list of available places to visit will only increase. For this reason alone, I would recommend that you give the Residences at The Gramercy a look if luxury resort style living is appealing to you.

Check them out yourself and let me know what you think by  leaving me some feedback in the comments section.


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