One of my recent finds which has quickly become a fashion favorite of mine is the brand Zuldara.  Zuldara brings unique designs with luxurious quality to inspire you to embrace a bold and beautiful life. Zuldara is a fashion company with the real goal of providing quality and fashionable items made with the best materials and craftsmanship. Their motto is  “Exceptional Quality With Unique Designs, and Always Meant To Be Affordable”. Based upon what I have seen, I think they live up to that motto very well. They also strive to create “Bold  Designs, Always with Function”. 





With their selection of fashionable yet functional items, they help you to create your own style and embrace your inner goddess. Providing quality bags and jewelry, supported by excellent customer service, they are a great choice for your online shopping selections. I highly recommend you check out their website and find your own passion. Regardless if it is their well made bags with quality materials or their stylish watches with beautiful designs which are sure to make you the fashion envy of your friends and ensure you will be asked “where did you get that?”.

Please remember luvies, I only write about products that I personally like and use. Therefore you have my personal recommendation for Zuldara. I have had the pleasure to use and enjoy both their bags and watches and have found they fit my style very well.





Followers of my Instagram feed will remember the beautiful Zuldara purse as part of my favorite fall fashion accessories. As fashionable and adorable as that was, I am equally excited with their watches as well. Zuldara has a goal of providing clients with exquisite items made through superb craftsmanship and with luxurious materials and they have certainly met the mark with the watch I reviewed.


The style I received is named Novus Bianca. An impressive name for an impressive timepiece. The beautiful white face with an artistic Rose Gold Butterfly design is sure to accent almost any fashion ensemble and is especially fitting for fall and winter themes. The white leather strap made from the same quality leather they use in their purses makes the watch pop on my wrist.

Zuldara has many designs to choose from and I am certain you will find one of their pieces a perfect fit for whatever you are wearing.

I look forward to hearing your comments on Zuldara. Please send me your comments and let me know what you think and your own experiences with Zuldara and remember to check them out for your next fashion accessory purchase.

(The products were gifted and all are 100% my review)


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