An Uber Trendy Guide To A 2018 Smart Home



Forty years ago, homeowners created a stylish home by tackling the concept of feng shui. Everything had a purpose and encouraged a vibe which made life easier. Fast forward to 2018 and technology has taken the theory to new heights. Nowadays, everything is connected via the internet. One clap of the hands or a sentence aimed at Alexa can control every aspect of the property.

Do you want to open the gates? That’s no problem because Amazon Echo can handle it without any fuss. Do you need to change the temperature in the living room yet keep the kitchen the same? Hive has you covered with its smart meter. Feng shui has taken on a new mask and it’s incredibly popular.

Of course, a truly smart home has all of the necessary features in the right places. There isn’t one base which isn’t covered. You may think this is straightforward to achieve, yet it’s devilishly difficult. People do say the Devil is in the details. What you need is a guide to an uber-trendy home, and you can find it underneath.

Buy A Central Hub

The reason Alexa is popular is that she can control almost every aspect of the house. She’s a controller which you can rely on when you need her the most. So, it’s essential to start off by investing in a hub that will be the foundation of your smart home. Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot are impressive because they will sync to a variety of features. Should you already have a speaker, for example, then it is possible to upload Alexa without changing products. has more for those who are interested.

Don’t let Jeff Bezos and Co. monopolize your mind, though. Google is another tech giant which has an effective Google Home device. Depending on the products which are already in the house, it may be easier to link Android to Android. Plus, you can log-in to your account to add extra accessibility.

Honorable mentions also go out to the Wink Hub 2 and the Harmony Elite. The latter is a modern remote which controls any device with the right connectivity.

Watch The Exterior

Think smart home and the interior will spring to mind. The dream of having a clapper or a Jarvis-like AI program like Tony Stark’s is strong. And, it also encourages you to focus solely on the inside of the house. One of the pressing reasons to have a smart home, however, is to cover your back. Security is a big deal and the right tech can keep you safe.

Forget about unaffordable CCTV systems which charge a monthly fee because they are obsolete. With the help of the iSmartAlarm team, there is no need to fork out a fortune. Simply place the camera outside at a height and let it take snapshots. Add the iCamera Keep Pro to get motion detection and monitoring capabilities. Check out for a full review.

A readymade camera isn’t even necessary any more. SkyBell is a doorbell which allows you to watch a live feed of the property. And, you can interact with people too. Download the app to access it from anywhere in the world at any time.

Light It Up

A clapper was the in-thing back in the day. Now, lights are controllable with the flick of a switch. No, not the one you use at home but the one on your mobile device. allows homeowners to schedule timers for their lighting system. Even better, you can remotely control them by logging in to the application and playing God. Clappers seem old-school now, right?

Messing around with the lights isn’t just a novelty thing; it’s an extra security measure. Burglars use the cover of night to enter homes without being seen. Even neighbors who care won’t be able to spot thieves. Yep, that goes for the nosey ones too. The ability to turn inside and outside bulbs on at a moment’s notice is an excellent tool to fight back.

Switching the inside light fixtures on may confuse them and make them think someone’s awake. Regardless, they can’t take the opportunity because there is too much risk. Lighting up the interior of the property is another gamble they can’t afford to take because anyone can see their movements.

And Lock It Up

The first thing you do when you leave the house is to put the key in the lock. At least, it should be or else anyone can enter without your permission. Unfortunately, the human brain is remarkable yet not infallible. Plenty of people walk out without setting the alarm and securing the property. Smart locks can change all of that.

HomeKit Enabled is a system which allows you to secure the house retroactively. Go onto the app and tell it to lock the doors and windows right away. Then, there is no need to hotfoot it back home in case of an incident.

What’s amazing about smart lock systems is that they are voice controlled. While this isn’t helpful when you’re out of range, it does add value at nighttime. If you can’t remember if you locked up and set the alarm, then ask Alexa or Google Home to double check.


Your life is constantly moving and there is a lot on your plate. Being a mom and taking care of a family isn’t easy because there aren’t enough hours in a day. As well as picking the kids up and bringing them to practice, there is dinner to cook and homework to complete.

If only there were a way to make time. The good news is that there is more than one. Installing a smart thermostat as well as buying utensils with wifi capability solves the problem. All you have to do is prepare the food in the morning and let the slow cooker do the rest. When it’s done, you can turn it off via an app on your phone.

Are you considering a smart home? How do you plan on putting it together?


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