For the guy in your life who has it all, it can be ridiculously difficult to work out what to buy him for birthdays and Christmas. With everyone busy unwrapping the festive gifts that have been sat under the tree for weeks, the man in your life might simply be going through the motions. Every time you celebrate your friend, loved one or dad having survived another year on the planet, the gift options seem to diminish. He might have a fantastic job, an obscene amount of disposable income, all the gadgets and gizmos anyone could wish for and to top it all off, when you ask what he wants for his birthday, he shrugs and nonchalantly says nothing. How annoying is this?


All is not lost. The art of finding a gift for the man in your life who wants for nothing is to think outside the box. Use these gift ideas to inspire you when out pressie hunting.


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While technological wizardry has been the present of choice for geeky guys since the dawn of all things Wifi and networked, there has been a recent explosion of gizmos designed to appeal to the guy who has it all. The latest smartphones used to be the gadget of choice, followed by tablets, games consoles and music systems. The new kid on the block is the positively twenty first century drone. These sophisticated bits of kit allow the man in your life to hone their flying skills while visualizing themselves as spies or undercover agents completing a surveillance mission.


Drones used to cost a small fortune. However, with the miniature versions and beginners kits, they are now more accessible to the masses. If you want to know how far they can fly, you’ll need to check out their battery life. Obviously, the chunkier batteries with a longer running time allow for greater flight times, meaning the birthday boy can enjoy heading down to the park to fly his machine. Both fixed wing and rotary drones can hold small cameras to record the flights they embark upon. For the guy who has every other gadget under the sun, a drone could be perfect.

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Sometimes the material item that you can unwrap simply isn’t going to cut it anymore. Unwrapping another copy of Call of Duty for the Xbox isn’t going to fill the man in your life with joy. Instead, pop an experience voucher into their birthday card. While you might be handing over the most discreet looking gift he receives that year, it might also be the one that sees his face light up the most.


For petrol heads, why not consider an experience involving speed and torque? Race track days could see your brother, dad or pal getting behind the wheel of a world class supercar that exhilarates and thrills him no end. For an experience that involves more skill rather than pure speed, a rally day or sand dune buggy experience might suffice.


If the guy in your life isn’t keen on driving, you could send them sky high with a flying lesson or a flight in a hot air balloon. Helicopter flights are now more popular than ever with people choosing to soar high above the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls.


Culinary Creations


Sometimes there’s nothing better than taking your nearest and dearest out for a swanky meal for their birthday celebrations. However, instead of heading down to the local Italian that you frequent heavily throughout the year, why not go one better. A cookery lesson with one of his favorite chefs could be the perfect present for the guy who thinks they’re a dab hand around some pots and pans and who has a near perfect palette.


Taster menus are set up by top Michelin starred restaurants purposefully to showcase their gourmet flair. For the guy who loves fine dining and experiencing new taste sensations, a trip to the nearest Michelin starred eatery could see your boyfriend tucking into the weirdest and most wonderful food stuff. Snail porridge or passion fruit caviar anyone?


With the gift market being so vast and competitive, you’d think it would be relatively easy to find the perfect present for the man in your life. Nothing could be further from the truth. The next time a birthday swings around, you need to begin present planning early and use these ideas to inspire your gift of choice. Remember, think about what the guy in your life is passionate about and let this dictate your gift giving. It really is possible to buy the perfect gift for the man who has it all.

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