Those of you that know me, or follow my IG or Blog, know that Fall is my favorite season of the year. Not only do I enjoy the lower temperatures, the changes in the leaves, of course the start of the Holiday season. Along with all these changes comes the Holiday shopping! All of the stores prepare for the holiday shopping rush. Part of this is announcing holiday lines and sales. For Influencers and bloggers like myself and my local fellow Gal Pals it means getting prepared to share what is coming soon. Most recently I was invited to the Beauty Blogger Holiday held at the Mariposa which can be found on the 2nd level of Neiman Marcus inside the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.



The Neiman Marcus Mariposa Cafe hosted us and provided us with some awesome mid morning cocktails and breakfast/brunch treats. It makes sense that Neiman Marcus would use this classy venue to share their new Holiday Gift ideas. After all, Neiman Marcus is the epitome of class. While we toured around the vicinity checking out what Neiman Marcus has for the holidays, we enjoyed some specialty cocktails such as a Espresso Martini topped with frosted cotton candy — I dipped the cotton candy to melt and ahhh, so good to have this drink at 10:30 on a Saturday morning. We also had some Bloody Mary’s and Bellinis. I am certainly not a morning drinker, in fact, I rarely drink at all, but geesh I did enjoy these cocktails with some breakfast bites.


Once our bellies were on their way to being full and we were relaxed, it was time to start learning about what Neiman Marcus was recommending for us this season.



Dolce Gabbana x SMEG Sicily Is My Love Toaster

If you know me, I am all for classic style. From retro, rustic industrial to a country style farm  house. This toaster is a posh-looking, isn’t it a beauty?! This 50s-retro-looking toaster will definitely give your kitchen a diner vibe as if you are watching Betty Crocker making your breakfast!



The best things to a woman’s heart are diamonds and perfume. Agree with me?! Speaking of perfume, I had a chance to explore some of Creed’s collection, just like this White Amber I’m holding. Just the bottle make it so classy. You know me, I am not into fruity or too flowery scents.





I almost asked for this to take home. How can you find a fancy looking pair of sunnies that fits you and at the same time, a hi-tech one. These Spectacles sunnies are made for Snapchat. It can record a 10 second video and let you share it to your friends by syncing it with your Snapchat app through your phone. How cool is that!


The list included so many items I couldn’t possibly list them all here. Even some jewelry and accessories and Max-Bone Dog Sweaters which I almost took home with me. I know my bubbas would love them. The bottom line is you can have almost as much fun as I did yourself by visiting Neiman Marcus and shopping for yourself or that special person this holiday season.

Feel free to watch my youtube video to see the rest of under $100 gift items you can get for your loves. I was already happy to see a huge can of flavored popcorn and chocolate tamales. If you get to Neiman Marcus I am anxious to know what you think. Have you tried out these products? I would love to hear back from you. See you online loves.


  1. Shar says:

    First let me say this food looks amazing! The gift ideas are pretty fantastic too 🙂 Thank you for sharing just in time for Christmas shopping!

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