Our MERCATO escapade

Organized by Anton Diaz, award-winning food blogger of www.OurAwesomePlanet.com and organizer of the popular ULTIMATE TASTE TEST series, MERCATO CENTRALE @ BGC promises to be THE destination for foodies from all over Metro Manila.

Sorry for suppperrr late update about our experience in Midnight Mercato (well I still waited for pictures from my friend Tina– big thanks sissy!– since I forgot my camera boohooo!). It was rainy evening when we went there.. I was really craving and looking forward to meet MOCHI-the round buchi with ice cream inside. I first tried it in downtown LA for $2-thanks to my cousin mike who introduced me to this. Sad thing, it was not available when we went to Mercato. But there were tons of foodies we found..

So our first stop–> DRINKS. When we went there, its super crowded.I guess every call center around the area had their lunch break. “Ang daming tao!”. It was kinda hot and smoky- from grills so we were looking for drinks ’til we found this. Its unique coz i only see those cutie barrel in bars with beer, and since i dont drink beer, i like the idea of putting fruit shakes in those towers.
The price is affordable though Im a bit dissatisfied coz I was expecting it to be really frozen, but since its stock in those poles, so ice already melting.

Next stop, foodie.. We cant really find seats available. Even joining other tables cant be done. All seats were taken. So we were looking for food that can be eaten while walking around. ¬†we saw this and was intrigued of what they’re selling. Its pizza like 2 “lumpia wrapper” crust with unique flavor. I just cant remember what we had but one is with the korean flavor. for P240 or P260 im not sure of the price but its 200+. I told my friend that its ok to try it. I can rate it at 6/10 for overall grade. The presentation is nice and the flavors are unique, but I prefer the shawarma taste dumplings we had.

There were tons of nice heavy meal foodie around, from angus steak, large burrito, bbq, burger, maki to gelato. Geesh, because we were too overwhelmed with our Ferrero Rocher gelato, I forgot to take a pic of it. But ill give it 10/10 overall rate.

So what else happened to our night.. No mochi, overpriced pizza, sinusitis attack coz of smoky air. Overcrowded place.. I still love it. Maybe it was raining thats why its too crowded or its really crowded since it was Friday night. Im glad theres the water station with seats, I bought 1 bottle of water since we still had our smoothies and made one high chair as our table while eyeing around for mochi. But failed! There’s no mochi available that night.

Still finding more options for dinner. Below are the pictures of stalls and foodies for more choices.

So that’s all about our Mercato escapade. On top of a fantastic food selection, Mercato will be full of fun activities, cooking demonstrations and live entertainment that will keep your family and friends coming back for more every weekend. I am just so happy that they will be extending here in South— SODERNO (will be opening on October 14 wooot!!!!! )

Feel free to:
Visit their website @ http://www.mercatocentrale.ph
and they are in fb too — http://www.facebook.com/mercatocentrale


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