Tuna Casserole (hubby’s version)


Ok, as promised on my #instagram post. I’m going to share my husband’s version for #tunacasserole. It’s his favorite dish so I had to learn how to make it. When I say its his favorite, he can eat it everyday from breakfast to midnight snack haha.

TUNA CASSEROLE ala Mr. Wright’s Gourmet hehe

1 box of Macaroni pasta

1 can of #Campbell’s cream of mushroom

1 big can of tuna in water.

1 big white onion

1/2 cup of fresh milk

1 tspn of salted butter

salt and pepper to taste

1 tspn of garlic and salt

1 tbsp Mrs. Dash seasoning

Kraft parmessan cheese

2 tbsp olive oil

Cook the macaroni and set aside. Do not forget to put the 2 tbspn of olive oil and salt while cooking it. Once cooked, drained, wash it with hot water, drained and put another 2 tbspn of olive oil.

Separate pot, low fire, mix all ingredients: butter, fresh milk, cream of mushroom, the seasonings and spices. My husband wants the onion crispy so we just add the fresh onions once its already cooked so it won’t be mushy and soggy. But if you want the regular way, saute it first in butter before you put the rest of the ingredients. Once its boiling, mix the drained macaroni. Mix it slowly and thoroughly. I put some dried parsley and #Kraft parmessan cheese. And tadaa! It’s as easy as that.

I’ll be practicing and cooking for more great dish and would love to share it with you. Happy cooking!

finished product! It's time to chow!

finished product! It’s time to chow!


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