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That time of year is here again. The time when I have to decide do I want the latest phone from my favorite phone maker, Samsung.


April 21, 2017 is coming fast. And pre-orders are available now from most all providers. Samsung has worked hard to overcome the negative press from the Note 7 battery disaster and it looks like the work has even made the batteries safer and last longer. So, ultimately as consumers we seem to benefit from the battery snafu of last year.


In addition to the improved battery, there is the new AI system called Bixby and the awesome looking Infinity glass display and the phone is larger without looking too big. The S8 model measures at 5.8 inches and the S8 is an impressive 6.2 inches. The display looks even larger given the Infinity display on both phones.

The front facing camera is still a very strong 12 mega pixels and has been tweaked to be even better. The “selfie” cam has been improved from 5 MP to 8. Samsung remains one of the top phones for picture lovers. Still a popular feature is the water proof aspect of the phone. Rain and a spilled drink no longer have to stop your heart.


The prices are pretty much as expected these days for a top rated high end phone, but you still have to swallow hard at the $750 and $850 price for the S8 & S8 respectively.


Whether I order early, or wait a couple of months, it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that I will be an owner of one of these phones soon. If you want to make up your mind, check out Samsung’s web page and decide for yourself.

Right now, if you pre-order with T-Mobile, you’ll get a free Samsung VR with the Controller!




  • Form Factor

    Form Factor

    Touch Bar

  • OS


    Android N OS 7.0

  • Size

    Product Dimensions (inches)

    Galaxy S8: 68.1×148.9×8.00 mm
    Galaxy S8 : 73.4×159.5×8.1 mm

  • Camera

    Camera resolution (Front)

    8 MP AF

    Camera resolution (Rear)

    12 MP OIS AF

    Main Camera – Flash


  • Battery

    Battery, Standby

    Galaxy S8: Up to 3.38 days
    Galaxy S8 : Up to 4 days

    Battery, Talk Time

    Galaxy S8: Up to 29 hrs
    Galaxy S8 : Up to 33 hrs

    Battery Type and Size

    Galaxy S8: 3000 mAh
    Galaxy S8 : 3500 mAh, Non-Removable

  • Memory

    Internal Memory

    64 GB, RAM 4GB

    External Memory/microSD™ Capacity

    MicroSD up to 256GB

  • Connectivity


    802.11 a/b/g/n/ac,



  • Processor

    Processor Speed, Type

    Octa Core 2.35Ghz (Quad Core) 1.9Ghz (Quad)

  • Display

    Main Display Size

    Galaxy S8: 5.8″
    Galaxy S8 : 6.2″

  • Key Features

    Premium Camera

    Larger screen, High photo quality camera, powerful MSM 8998


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