Android Auto Review

As I covered in my last post about the Top 3 rules for purchasing a new car, we recently bought a new car ourselves. One of the great features that I love and the hubby is using almost daily now is the Android Auto app.

As I stated on their website, “Android Auto is a simpler way to use your phone in the car”. I am a Samsung Galaxy user and the App is designed to minimize distraction so you can stay focused on the road. Android Auto (AA) allows you to accept and make phone calls, receive and send text messages as well as doing searches for nearby locations with Google Maps displayed right on the cars Infotainment display screen. Simply click on the voice command button located right on the steering wheel and give commands just as you would to google on your phone.

If your cars Infotainment system is Android Auto compatible, all that is required is a blue tooth capable phone with the Android Auto App installed. You can then use many of the google search and map features using voice commands and have them appear on your cars screen. An additional safety feature is that not only can you send text messages by speaking to the voice command feature, Google will also read your new texts to you while you drive so that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.

For anyone who has not yet used Google Play to stream their favorite music, this gives you the perfect opportunity. Using Google Play you now have access to over 40 Million songs! I venture to guess that even the most prolific music fan doesn’t have one tenth of that selection on their music player. Now its all at your finger tips, or in this case, as a simple voice request. A click of a button on your steering wheel and a quick voice command and you can listen to almost any song ever recorded.

It also gives you access to dozens of music and media Apps which you can access directly from your car. You wont have to ever miss an important message while on the road or miss out on staying in touch with your loved ones, even while you are on the road in your car. For a complete list of Apps that work with AA go to the Android Auto web page or use this link to take you directly to the available  Android Auto app.

I think you will see when you investigate what Android Auto can do for you, and the convenience and safety it offers, you will look for Android Auto to be an option on any new car you may purchase. If you have a current media system in your car and Android version 5.0 or higher, you too can enjoy these amazing features.

As always, I look forward to any comments or questions you may have on this topic. See you online Luvies!


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