Recently, the hubby and I had the opportunity to test drive the Lexus RX 350 for a week. We didn’t do anything special, we simply treated the car as it was our own. We went back and forth to work, went grocery shopping and even took our usual day off field trip like all the way to Red Rock Canyon National Park for some of our favorite scenery and a beautiful sunset.

So, you’re probably wondering, Is the Lexus RX 350 a Good SUV?

The RX’s semi-average rating by most of the major magazines is more a matter of the very competitive class it is in rather than any true faults with the RX. In fact, it won US New’s Best Luxury 2-Row SUV for the Money because it has the best combination of overall quality and value in the class. The RX has a strong V6 engine and a comfortable ride. There is more than enough passenger room in the RX, but cargo space is less than I would expect for a vehicle of its price. Additionally, The number one issue we had, was the upgraded infotainment system is difficult to get used to and in my hubbies opinion, he far prefers Android Auto features over Lexus’s proprietary system.

Would I Buy the Lexus RX 350?

The Lexus RX is a good choice for those who want a reliable and capable daily driver without too much extravagance. Sure, you could pay much more for other choices and maybe find some with better performance, but probably not for the money. The RX has a gorgeous interior and the luxury features were plenty and easy to get spoiled by. The RX is no doubt a good value. Buying one should also be a straightforward process since there are only two trim levels, and most options are grouped into packages.

The comfort of the ride and interior, as well as the slew of safety features (not to mention backing up to an 18-inch wide infotainment screen), are easy to get used to and quickly miss once the car was gone.

How Much Does the Lexus RX 350 Cost?

The 2017 that we drove is priced at At $43,220, the 2017 & 18 RX has one of the lowest starting prices among luxury midsize SUVs. The performance-oriented 2017 RX F Sport retails for $49,020. Both models come standard with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive is available for about $1,500. Add-ons that increase the RX’s price include the Luxury package and Navigation package. The model we drove did have a lot of upgrades including the luxury package and the information we saw with the vehicle listed a drive off price just under $52,000. With all that said, for the extra money and our experience with the RX, I think I can safely say, we would most certainly pay the extra to max out the features.

Our overall rating for this mid-size SUV/Crossover is an 8.5 out of 10. However, when you factor is how it is priced when compared to some of the others in its class and what you get for the price, the rating easily jumps to a 9.5. For the cost, you cant do much better for a combination of luxury, power, and style than the Lexus RX 350. For that alone, we would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a mid-sized SUV or Crossover.

Let me know what you think and if you have any feedback of your own. Your comments are always welcome. I look forward to hearing from you.

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