A few months back at the end of January, I had the opportunity to attend the Las Vegas Market Week as the guest of Level Brands and Kathy Ireland. One of the main reasons Kathy was there was to highlight her new furniture line collaboration with Michael Amini.


During our day long visit there, I had many opportunities to see hundreds of different furniture lines and walked even more show rooms seeing so many different styles and layouts. I also had the pleasure to make some connections with great companies. One of which was Nourison which is a well known quality Rug company. After talking with them, I came up with the Idea to try and transform my living room design with the help of some of the best furniture and home décor companies in the business to keep me under a budget I can actually afford.


After the show, I reached out to many other companies about working with me to either sponsor or discount some items to help me achieve the look I wanted for my living room makeover Although most of my inquiries went unanswered, some amazing companies got back to me and either offered me huge discounts or free product in order to help me with my goal.

Well, almost 3 months have passed, and I am about 95% there and ready to write about the experience and the final product, as well as publish my pictures here in my blog and on my IG feed. I started my new look with changing up the color of my room and lightening the look. I was going for a light look with some darker accents. Country Modern Rustic is what my hubby called it (is that a real term?), well for me it’s a combo of a rustic beach house and farmhouse haha.


Step one, change the area rug at the center of the room. We are currently in an apartment while we still look and save for our home. We can’t change the carpet colors, so a nice area rug can brighten the space. One of the first brands to come to my aid in my makeover was Nourison with an amazing area rug. The rug I chose is from their Twilight collection. A 5×6 White and Grey diamond pattern with a modern look, yet the light color to brighten up my room. Also, from Nourison are 4 accent pillows. 2 Charcoal grey 20 x 20 fur plush and 2 Pink beaded 16 x 16 with over lapping circular patterns.


Then came the biggest change in the room, a new TV Console. I searched many different websites looking for the perfect piece to fit within my room concept. I was very fortunate to find and work with Crafters and Weavers. A Chicago based family owned company which got their start in Oriental Rugs and expanded into Amish made Mission and Arts and Crafts furniture. Now Crafters and Weavers has launched a popular collection of Reclaimed Wood and Industrial style furniture. It is no wonder they have grown into a major online furniture store. I love that the piece arrived well packed and complete. Not in 100 pieces with 5 pages of instructions and 3 hours of frustration before its complete. What arrives from Crafters and Weavers is a true piece of craftsmanship.


I relocated my Wayfair 5 tier white ladder shelf from my office to the living room where I can show off pictures and keepsakes as well as have some room for the needed greenery and life that house plants add to any room décor.

Next to the TV console is the play/Sleep area for our K-9 bubbas. Here we have a 6’ Gray Striped Kids Teepee from Best Choice Products.  Best Choice Products sells high-quality and family-friendly products you can trust. BCP offers countless categories such as home décor, outdoor items, toys and even fitness.

What makes a room complete is the accessories and décor. The right décor and memories throughout a room can change and or enhance the overall feeling and make a significant difference in if the roomworks. For example, if you put a sculpture of a whale in a room with a western theme, it will not only stand out, it will kind of ruin the flow of the room and then you just have decoration chaos.

Some of the items I used to round out my room (I can’t say complete, because I doubt I will ever finish or be satisfied) I already owned and some others I acquired either through collaboration or I just couldn’t resist buying. I’m sure we have all been online and see that item, you just “have to” have, and a few clicks and days later, surprise Hubby! Another package from Amazon/USPS/FedEx/UPS etc. lol…


Some of the items filling the shelves and table tops of my room I am happy to tell you about. A cute “Explore” sign in the shape of the United states reminds me of my goal to travel more and hopefully one day have visited all of the U.S. I found this cute item from Wal-Mart (In Kingman AZ.) while on a road trip. Also, I found a little inspirational décor sign and little lavender plants.


A little white tin can vase is perfect for some colorful dried flowers. This was a fun find on Amazon. A three-layered tin tray is perfect to hold little tchotchke’s. A good companion for the tray is a 5 glass bottle runner set filled with dried green plants all in a wood framed holder. Both the tray bottle set came from one of my favorite stores, Kirkland. Whether walking around their store (for hours) or surfing their HUGE selection online, I never fail to find items I love. Their combination of style and great prices make shopping with Kirkland easy (too easy if you ask my Hubby).

Every home and room needs a little love. Mine comes from a wooden script sculpture that spells love that I found at Oriental Trading. Lastly to bring good vibes and scents to my room I found some great candles from Chesapeake Bay Candle. The candle set in a frosted white jar has the amazing scent of Sea Salt Coconut. The selection from Chesapeake Bay is unparalleled and the place to go to find the perfect candle for your home. I just love their scents!


There are other items, too many to count that fill my room and I could go on for days listing them all, but I wanted to make sure that I acknowledged many of the wonderful companies that helped me to achieve my makeover and get as close to my dream room that I could get without starting with a custom designed room space. That’s next.. ha ha.. just don’t tell the hubby. He is still stressed from the last makeover…


I look forward to hearing your feedback about what you think and encourage you to try out some of the amazing companies yourselves to add to or improve your home décor. Let me know what you think in the comment section. Please feel free to check my Instagram post and stories to see more all the finishing touches

See you online Lovies!







(contributed by Glen Wright)


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