If you have any experience with rings, you already know how much of a blessing and a nightmare they can be. Most of us have ring dishes full of rings we’ve worn once and never looked at again. You know how it goes; they slip, slide, and generally feel uncomfortable. In some cases, they can even leave you with a green mark. Even the most expensive jewelry can leave you with tarnish, improper fit or just buyers remorse. However, you still head to the ring section, and you buy the pesky things. No matter how many times you tell yourself to let the ring urge go, you can’t forget your dream of rocking the rings. They just look so GOOD on everyone else. If I can just find the one that looks good on me.

With all that said, you don’t have to carry on accepting Ring Remorse. Ring success is much better and so much easier to find than you’d think. All you need to do is work out where you’re going wrong and change it. And, to help you do that, we’re going to look at common mistakes you could be making.

You’re buying cheap

Most high end stores sell bargain basement rings to tempt you at the window. The trouble is, they’re rarely worth your time. Cheap choices are often to blame for sizing issues. With standards of small, medium, and large, it’s near enough impossible to get your sizing right . Cheap materials are also guilty of causing green staining. On top of which, cheap rings aren’t made for ongoing use. That paint may well start flaking after a few wears. Is it any wonder, then, that you’re struggling? Rings with extremely high karrot count, such as 18 and 24, sound great, but with gold being a soft metal, jewelry makers will mix in other metals such as copper or silver. Those metals cause sweating and that is primarily what causes the tarnish.

You aren’t doing your research

We know what you’re thinking; how much research could rings really require? In truth, though, your trouble here suggests research could come in handy in a few different ways. For one, continually getting your ring size wrong is a sure sign you need to find out about this. A quick search on sites like YouTube is all it takes to show you how to measure this at home. As simple as that, you can rest easy the next ring you buy is sure to be the right fit. As mentioned above, most cheap rings don’t come with sizing options. But, it’s best to look out for ones which do. It’s also worth researching diamond quality. Taking time here can be the difference between the perfect ring, and one which doesn’t look quite right. So, take the time to head to sites like Your Diamond Guru, where you can find a guide to vvs diamonds among others. Then, you can make sure you get rings right every time you buy them.


You don’t try before you buy

In many ways, rings are like shoes; you can’t find one that looks and feels fantastic until you try them on. Admittedly, knowing your size can help. Still, things such as diamond size and shape can alter the way a ring sits and fits. That can make or break your wearing experience. The answer to this is simple; try it on before committing! That way, you’ll be able to tell instantly whether you and that ring have a future together. Nowadays there are ways to determine your size at home to get close when ordering. Worst case. if the ring is too large, it is usually easier to take down a size, than it is to go up. Not to mention cheaper. If you have to add gold, silver or platinum to make the ring bigger, it will take a experienced jeweler and additional metal which can cost more than the simple weight of the metal. Going down in size, is generally easier, so keep that in mind.

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