7 Reasons To Buy A Tablet


Eager to understand the hype behind tablets? These must-have gadgets are now everywhere, attracting consumers of all types from business owners to young kids. Here are just a few reasons why tablets have become so popular and why you may want to consider buying one.


You can use them as an e-reader


Why buy a Kindle when you can buy a tablet? These devices are perfect e-readers due to their size – if you’re an avid reader, owning a tablet could reduce the need to buy physical books, allowing you to download electronic versions from the likes of the Apple book store. This could save weight when travelling. Tablets can also make reading documents, news and blogs feel more natural than using a PC or a phone.


You can stream TV shows/movies on the go


Tablets are also great for catching up on your favourite TV shows on the go or watching movies whilst travelling. By looking into NordVPN Netflix servers, you may even be able to watch your favourite shows abroad. They’re also great for keeping the kids entertained on long car journeys and flights.



You can more easily do computer work on the go


Tablets are great for doing work on the go. They take portability one step further than laptops, allowing you to catch up on work whilst standing up on a busy train carriage or even whilst waiting in a queue at your local coffee shop. By keeping all your work files on the cloud, you can start working on them on you PC whilst in the office and then continue working on them on your tablet whilst out of the office.


You can use them as a digital sketchpad


You can buy specialist digital sketchpads for drawing digital art, but a tablet could be just as useful for beginners on a budget. Many programmes such as Adobe Photoshop are compatible on a tablet – you can even buy a stylus to make drawing feel more natural.

You can more easily share photos and information with a group


Tired of having to pass your phone around to show people photos or get everyone to huddle around your PC screen? Tablets are much better for sharing information to a group. Whether you want to show off your holiday snaps or present a graph to work colleagues, you can do so easily on a tablet.


They have a better battery life than a laptop


Tablets generally have a better battery life than laptops, making them good for occupying you on a long journey when you may not have access to a power source. If regularly use a laptop wirelessly and often end up having your work cut short by the limited battery life, consider buying a tablet so that you no longer have to suffer these occasions.


They’re better for mobile games than a phone


Devoted mobile gamers could also benefit from upgrading to a tablet for gaming – the larger screen makes it easier to play many games. In many cases, you’ll be able to continue using the app data on your phone on a tablet, so you won’t lose any game progress.


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