The days of going to the mall and spending hours to browse and find the right outfit or pair of matching shoes for that outfit seem to be gone for this generation. These days almost anything you want you can find online. With that said, we want the best deals right? Regardless of where we go to get those deals, we just want to save some money right?


What if I told you, that you can shop at all your favorite e-shopping sites and not only save money, but also contribute to charity? That would be a win/win right? Get what we want and help others. There is not much better than that. Giving Assistant has coupon codes for over 3000 online brands. You can keep some or all of those savings or chose to give any portion of those dollars to the charity of your choice. Some of my favorite stores to shop are using the Giving Assistant feature to help you all while helping others. Popular brands such as WalmartThe Pottery Barn and one of my all time favorites Forever 21!


When you shop at these and so many more sites and use Giving Assistant you can donate to over 1.2 million 501c 3 nonprofits and charitable organizations in the U.S.. They also have a free convenient browser button that alerts you when you are on a cash back eligible site. So, with the browser button, even when you are not on the Giving Assistant site, you wont lose out of possible savings or a chance to earn your cash back. The browser button will automatically load the latest promo codes, so you don’t have to search elsewhere for coupons or codes. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that does it?


So, if you are like me, you know you will be shopping online, so why not save money and help others while you are at it? We can all feel better about ourselves, while we do our usual shopping. There is not a much better feeling than getting that awesome new outfit, or new pair of boots, except of course helping out those in need. Now with Giving Assistant, you can do both!


Tell me what you guys think about this in the comments. Especially if you have used Giving Assistant. I want to hear your feedback. See you online loves!


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