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OK loves. it has been 6 months since I last colored my hair and I have been wanting to add some season appropriate color to my hair for quite some time now. I recently had the chance to try out Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color and I am so glad I did. ​@schwarzkopfusa​ is a quality product that lets me get a Professional quality hair color at home that is easy to use and produces beautiful color results that last!


The process is pretty easy. The first step is to head over to my neighborhood ​Walmart​ to select my color. (Actually, the 1st step was to convince the hubby to let me color my hair. He is so sweet and says he loves me as I am, but I convinced him it would be great). The selection at my Walmart is plentiful and it was easy to find the color that I wanted.


Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color is a good choice because it has K-BOND PLEX™, which is salon inspired anti-breakage technology. K-BOND PLEX™ repairs the inner hair structure for strong and healthy looking hair. It is nice to have the option for a professional quality hair color at home that is easy to use and produces beautiful color results that last! Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color results in about 80% less breakage VS untreated hair. It has extra long lasting color intensity as well.


I decided to select Warm Mahogany 5.6 color as my hair is a very dark brown/black and not easy to color. This color should provide me with a Mahogany tint that will be subtle, but show off in the light. You can see what works best for you by going to the ​Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color​ page and select what is best for your style..


STEP 1​. I opened the package and set all the products out, being sure to read the directions clearly. I had the required gloves, a towel and motivation..lol.

STEP 2​. I applied the Pre-Color Serum to my hair first. Being sure to use the entire bottle to treat my hair and focus from the root to the tips to ensure a more even color result. The ​Pre-Color Serum conditions the hair before coloring for a more even color result from root to tip.

STEP 3​. Then I mixed the Color Cream with Keratin -Complex into the the applicator bottle. Be sure to use the plastic gloves that come in the kit. This will keep the dye off your hands I then applied the Color mixture to my hair from scalp to tip, making sure to get full coverage. You have to be careful to not drip or spread on your skin. If you do, wipe it off soon to prevent skin staining. Then massaged it well to make sure it is blended. Wait the recommended time (varies by amount of effect wanted). For me, I left it in for about 40 minutes which is beyond the typical time, but I learned last time that because my hair is dark black, I need to leave it a little longer to ensure the color shows through
more at the end.


STEP 4​. Rinse out all the color cream well with warm water (I recommend the shower if you are doing at home). Do not use shampoo or any other conditioners. Towel dry, your hair once all the color is rinsed out thoroughly.

STEP 5​. Once your hair is towel dry, then add the ​K-BOND PLEX™ Conditioner. The ​K-BOND PLEX™ repairs the inner hair structure for strong and healthy looking hair. These steps must be followed exactly to allow for that Professional quality hair color at home that is easy to use and produces beautiful color results that last! Leave in the K-BOND PLEX™ Conditioner​ for 2 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.



STEP 6​. Let dry and style a usual!. It’s that simple! I am pleased at how soft and shiny my hair was at the end. The ease of the whole process is impressive. Given the outcome, you would think it was a professional job. I know from last time, that I will also experience less hair breakage thanks to the ​K-BOND PLEX™.


The final result is a beautiful Mahogany tint which glows in the light, but is subtle at first glance. It gave me even color from root to tip! Finally I have my Holiday tint to my hair. Not only do I feel new, I have 100% Gray coverage for those few grays that are starting to sneak in, but now my hair is a more appropriate match for so many of my Holiday themed outfits! I am so excited for my next holiday event and to show off my ​professional quality hair color I did at home that was easy to use and produced beautiful color results that will last! Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color has ​extra long lasting color intensity and provides me with Intense colors. What do you guys think? Do you do your own hair color? Tell me your experiences and if you have used Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color tell me what you thought and how it turned out. I would love to hear from you and even see some pictures!


Happy Holidays Loves! See you online!







  1. Stacie says:

    Your hair looks amazing! I love how even and natural the color looks. That’s key for me. I want hair color that doesn’t look like I made it that way, even if the color is extra vibrant.

  2. Shar says:

    Ahh how fun is this?! Love that you can get good quality color at home without the price tag of the salon! Thanks for sharing:)

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