T’is the season to show off again! You know me, I am all for layers. Fall is indeed a time for layers! Being a #plussize, I am more comfy dressing up in layers than the one piece suit.



A Denim jacket is always in style. I got this grayish jacket with embroidered flowers last year and I couldn’t care less if I repeat it this year. I wear this denim jacket as often as I can.  It always give me that instant  stylish vibe, don’t you think? Whether I wear it with gray boots from JustFab which is one of my first online purchases or my fave Nike kicks I got from Neiman Marcus. I like the style and believe me, it’s very comfortable for long cold walks!


shopping at a Vintage Market in Downtown Summerlin


Maxi dress has always been my last resort for styling. It’s just because it’s too long for me being I am vertically challenged. But with this @VibeApparel, their material and style suits me. I never thought that I could wear a maxi dress without dragging it on the floor. I paired it with my denim jacket that I got from TJmax and my Adidas kicks. See, even I am exploring the Vintage Market in Downtown Summerlin, I am still very comfy with what I am wearing.




Y’all know that I am all for boots from flat boots, to furry boots and cowboy boots. I am glad that SAS Shoes  has, not only stylish boots, but comfy boots.  As soon as the Fall Season began, I just wore these boots to show off. I like it that even it has heels, my feet were not sore walking around in the field.


On date night, I always make sure that I do show off and dress up for my man but still make sure that I am very comfy.  When we went on a dinner date at Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris Hotel Las Vegas , I was just wearing a dark blue skinny jeans that I purchased from Ross store that can go easily with my gray boots,  however I just top it off with a comfy furry wrap and a beanie from Rose and Pearl


In these next few months, I am likely to wear out these fave boots a little as well as get many occasions to wear my growing collection of wraps and comfy jackets. Accessorizing and blending different items to create a stylish look is so much easeir during the cold months. There is just so much to work with! Maybe, that’s why God made me a plus size, because he saw so much potential, he wanted a lot to work with haha!


So, that’s my latest fashion update. I hope you like my styling and I hope you have a chance to check out some of these designers and stores in your effort to reach your fashion potential.


See you all online!

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