Ok, this blog story long overdue. My bad, but things have been hectic as I try to grow my business. Some of you were asking were I got the stuff from my #cloffice. I’ll be happy to share the details with you.

3 months ago, I decided our extra room would be my #cloffice (Closet-Office). I just needed a bigger space for all the products I receive from sponsors and to do reviews. This also serves as my Photography studio as well, so I can’t give up a lot of space or be disorganized. I need organization in a small area. I am glad that couple of brands helped me to finish this specialized workspace #homemakeover. Often getting organized and making your life more functional comes down to making the most of every inch of space available.

This room also serves as a rare guest room, so I purchased a daybed for the seasonal visitors we occasionally get from Wayfair.  Wayfair has stuff I love from the furniture, kitchen appliance, comforters and home decor.  The daybed comforter set I love to show off is from Macy’s when they had their recent super duper sale. And speaking of sale, Black Friday is just around the corner. Geesh get ready with your credit card, shopping budget and maybe some energy to stay in line  haha.



Pinterest has helped me a lot on getting ideas. A lot of beauty influencers have their white organizers and storage. Ikea has been my happiest place on earth. Just eating their meatballs leave me in #foodcoma. This is where I grabbed mostly my furnitures from 12 square organizer, make up desk, my white Alex drawer

image from Original Beauty Box


Original Beauty Box make organizers that simplify your beauty routine. Their organizers feature sleek designs, removable dividers, and deep drawers to provide the perfect storage solution for your beauty necessities. Designed by a makeup lover & Made for makeup lovers. Their organizers have made my  cloffice so organized as I got tons of make up to keep and display. I can easily showcase my fave ones and less digging through drawers looking for that specific color or brand. I honestly can not recommend their products more for anyone who has the need to organize their make up or even other small items that need to be better displayed and organized.



This coming  Holiday Season, these make up organizers and the entire furniture showcase I got in my CLOFFICE  are definitely a great idea for gifting an influencer or beauty vlogger like me.



Hope you had an amazing time exploring my cloffice. Please feel free to comment or chat with by commenting below. Until next time, loves!

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