I partnered with Nourison and Cracker Barrel for this blog post.

I love interior decorating, and although my space is small, I try to do what I can to make things beautiful. Our own little Christmas joy space. Once again, I am working with Nourison and it’s my first time to work with Cracker Barrel decorating our home. Yup, the country eatery that we all love has a great store that sells home stuff, souvenirs & even clothes and accessories!

I had been playful with my previous years Christmas decor as I went all in with flashy color, like baby pink and turquoise blue. It is challenging thinking of a theme as I love Christmas and decorating our home is fun, but getting it just right is important to me. My Hubby has a very laid back Laissez-faire attitude. If it is Christmas themed, that is a “match” to him. For me, even a shade off and it doesn’t work.

For those who know me and have followed my social media, I am all for industrial, rustic, farmhouse style. Tin cans, rustic bars, windmill, wood crate oooh I just love them and the country eclectic style. So this year, I finally decided to come up with a classic Red Country style with a dash of white, silver and gold. Cracker Barrel helped me achieve the rustic farm house style by sending me some Christmas tree ornaments and the snow owl sculpture for table display plus our beautiful tree skirt for this year. The selections at Cracker Barrels store is impressive, especially this time of year. I can just spend a full day in their store!

Chesapeake Bay Candles added some Holiday vibes and the scents to complete that holiday feeling by sending us some winter/holiday scented candles.  I am currently enjoying the balsam scent in our living room.

Nourison added some sparkle into our home with the Michael Amini City Chic area rug. Such a quality floor covering which not only adds an attractive style, but it completes the room by allowing a flow in the design that appears to wrap everything. It is not just a stand alone carpet, but in fact is a floor tapestry that makes a statement that says “I am bold, sharp and have the right amount of shine and flair”.


Who else is doing Amazon shopping?! My holiday wouldn’t be complete without me purchasing something through Amazon. It’s just so convenient,  avoids the hassle of being in long lines, bumping into carts with other shoppers, aisles being occupied by crying kids, crying grown men (lol) and moms crying because their kids and men are crying etc. Almost anything you can imagine is available on Amazon and with a prime membership, the items arrive so fast, it is incredible. Amazon was my source for some of the ornaments, string lights which brighten many corners of my home, a comfy and warm blanket in Santa’s favorite shade and a plethora of little joyous knick knacks,

And lastly, but far from least are two of my favorite places to find simple little items that are perfect for those little pieces of kitsch that can bring things together. Any guesses?…. Ok, I’ll tell you. Big Lot’s and the 99 Cents Store. These two places can be a gold mine for thrifty shoppers looking for those cute last minute items to fill in the shelf, tree or fireplace mantle. Items from my kitchen Hot Cocoa and Coffee station that would impress Santa Himself, were found there and so were some oh so cute and playful items like Stocking hangers, globes, craft pieces to help make my Wreath. Even crafting & wrapping supplies are easily available. Missing those much needed batteries? Maybe some eggnog, crackers, cheese & cookies for those drop in family visits. Someone told me that only “certain people” shopped at these discount stores. My reply was “You mean smart people who know the value of a dollar”? 

I have one solid theme in my shopping choices…. VALUE! I strive to decorate my home to the best of my ability with style, ingenuity and value. Thanks to some wonderful brands who gifted me some items and using the right stores to get the best deals, I think my final Christmas decoration this year is a hit and I did it all without busting my wallet.

I would love to hear from you all and know your thoughts on how it turned out. Do you shop at these great places as well? If not yet, maybe it is time to check them out. 

See you online loves!!






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