How to Dramatically Simplify Your Life

No-one said life was going to be easy, but is it possible that we’re making it more difficult than it needs to be? When we break down what we need in order to, you know, live, then things become very simple. By throwing on more and more stuff, we’re just complicating things, and not everyone can take these extra complications in their stride. In any case, isn’t longing for a more straightforward existence common among everyone? Below, we take a look at four ways you significantly simplify your life, without harming the comfort or quality of your life.



Give Up The Time Wasters


The most common complaint people have is that they just don’t have enough time. It always feels like they’re running around from one place to another, just trying to get everything on their ‘to do’ list completed. While there’s some truth in this, it’s also true that many people are guilty of wasting time on things that really aren’t all that important. Take the internet or television; if you cut these two things out of your schedule, you might just find that you’ve got more than enough hours to get everything done and to have time to enjoy life, too.


Get Rid Of Your Smartphone


It sounds like a bold claim that you should get rid of your smartphone, and it is. But is it also a good idea? They’ve come into our life sensationally quickly, and there hasn’t been enough time to figure out if they’re actually good for us or not. One thing’s for sure: they make life more complicated. If you’re forever reachable by message and email, or you’re constantly being notified from applications about one update or another, then where’s the time for the simple life? There’s a growing number of people who have turned their backs on smartphones; join them. You can even make some money from your device by visiting  Aside from maps and WhatsApp, most people don’t regret their decision at all!


Focus on the Essentials


If life seems a bit chaotic, the best thing you can do is to take it back to the basics. If you’re focusing on eating well, exercising, and looking after yourself, then you’ll have a solid platform from which to grow. It’s all about adopting a “bottom-up” mentality. If the simple things in life are your priority, then things will never get too out of control.


Get Into a Routine


The reason people believe their life is too chaotic is because…it is! If you’re running around from one place to another, and just reacting to whatever’s put in front of you, then you’ll be lead away on the sea of modern life. If you make a routine – and stick to it – then you’ll be wrestling back from some control. Make getting up early, having a cut-off point for work, and weekly activities all part of your life. It’ll make handling the stressful days all the more easy.

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