Today, the social media world has gone bigger than ever. It’s actually a part of our daily routine to check our feeds regularly.


One of the biggest social media platforms is, Instagram. It has become a part of my daily grind. Well, it’s more of like my journal. Sharing my thoughts, everyday life events and even what I just ate. I just share it to the world through Instagram.


Out of the millions of people on Instagram, there will be few that will stand out and I will keep on checking their feeds everyday. As for me,Β  I don’t care if they have over 100k Followers or 1k Followers. As long as I find their IG fun, neat, beautiful and informative, I am all for it. Here are my top fave #instagrammers.


May always gives her 100% on every photo she has on her IG. Sometimes I even wonder how could she pack all the props she uses in one shot. She is very consistent on every post she makes. It always makes me wanna go back visit her profile over and over.


It’s always been fun seeing his posts. Why, well how can you not smile at these bright colors?


Just seeing his photos makes me wanna book a flight and just bring my backpack. Gathering all the awesome travel photos from #Instagrammers makes me wanna just fly!


It’s always been fun to see places and most of all, pastel colors. It just brightens up my day.


Well, speaking of colors, this is the legit account for colors. I actually am using their app sometimes for colorful filters.



How about you loves, who are your top 5 fave Instagram – ers? Share on the comment section below. I would love to explore more and see great instagrammers.


Stay tuned on my fave #lasvegas #instagrammers!



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