It isn’t always easy to get around new places. City breaks especially are often full of busy roads and alien transportation. If you don’t prepare, you could waste half your trip getting lost or searching for the right bus. And, let’s be honest; that isn’t what you’re traveling for.


The good news is that, as is often the case, tech could have you covered. With the right advancements, you might find that transportation goes from trouble to no problem. All you need to do is read up on what technology you should take away with you. Then, you’ll be able to turn to this every time you need transport during your time away. But, what are these technologies, and how can they help you?


Transport apps


Perhaps best of all is transport apps. This is one of those phone hacks no one tells you about, but it could turn out to be the tech which saves your trip. Public transport apps enable you to check up on everything from bus times to routes, all from your hotel room. Even better, there are different options to suit all your travel transportation needs. Citymapper is a favorite with travelers as it literally allows you to map a city you don’t know. With this, you’ll be able to find bus stops and see precisely where you can go from each one. Or, you may prefer something like Moovit. This allows you to route the entirety of your journey to avoid getting lost. Even better, this option works in over 2,000 cities around the world. It could become your trusty travel companion in no time.



Electric scooters


Unless you’re visiting a city close to home, taking your own transport is never worthwhile. It isn’t exactly easy to get your car on a flight. What is easy, though, is carrying on an electric scooter as long as you get permission from your airline. So, investing in an electric scooter for adults could be your best tech move. It would certainly ensure that you needn’t worry about public transport. Even better, most cities now allow electric scooters on sidewalks so that you can skip the traffic. This is officially a technology which could turbocharge your travels. If you always have trouble getting around, then, this is a no-brainer.


Translation resources

And, the tech benefits don’t end there. If you’re traveling abroad, the main problem with public transportation is that of language barriers. You may struggle to communicate where you want to go, or what the driver is saying. In that instance, a language app can be a lifesaver. An option like iTranslate Voice will translate your conversation if you run into trouble. As a last resort, this

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