We all know the feeling: you get back from your travels and somehow you feel more highly-strung than you did before you left.  


Holidays are meant to be fun. They are meant to be a time when you make memories together, relax and become the person you wish you were for the rest of your life. But somehow the stress of dashing from one place to the next, of trying to see every sightseeing attraction there is to see, takes its toll. So how can you avoid that? What can you do to improve your next holiday? Here are four top tips that should help.  


  1. Limit your screen time


This is a really important tip. We depend on our devices hugely, especially when we travel, but once you get to your destination you need to do your best to take a break. Remember, this holiday is a break from your life, a retreat from the pressures of everyday things. So, leave your phone in the safe, switch off from social media updates and news alerts. Of course, there will be moments when you need your devices but do your best to keep that time to an absolute minimum and you will go home more refreshed and enriched because of it.  


  1. Take it easy around your travel days 


Travel days are the most stressful bits of our holidays. The bustling airports, the busy train stations, the battle to get where you are going on time. But when we rush, things start to go wrong. We lose things, or we leave things lying around to get stolen. If that does happen, do your best to act quickly and, as recommended by insurers, report any theft to the local authorities within 24 hours of the incident. Travel days are just difficult to enjoy. So next time you go away, give yourself a break and plan to do very little the day after you travel. View it as a soft landing and you will enjoy your trip all the more for it.  


  1. Prioritize three things to see  


Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to see and places to go on a trip. The key is to not try to do everything. Instead, when you are planning your trip, mark up your three must-see sights and stick to them. Not only is it a liberating feeling when you go to a city with a thousand must-see sights and you only have to see three, but it also allows you to enjoy your destination, immersive yourself in the place, rather than dashing from one sightseeing activity to another.  


  1. Consider your health and body 


Seeing new places and experiencing new things is invigorating and enriching but it can also be tough on our bodies and our wellbeing. And when we are dashing around, going on trips, we can end up eating pretty much anything we can lay our hands on. But on your next holiday try and be good to yourself. Prioritize sleep, try and aim for 8 hours every night. Choose the healthy options when you come to eat and attempt to get some exercise when you are away, even if it’s just a brisk morning walk every day. You will feel so much better for it. 

Give me your Holiday tips and what works for you. I would love your feedback.


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