Why I recommend the Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter

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Do you have kids heading back to school? Do they complain about walking, taking the bus or want Chauffeur Mom or Dad to drive them to the front door? Maybe, instead they can ride in style back to school  The Hover-1 Electric Folding Scooter will take you back to your old school days and give your student easy way to get to and around campus or the neighborhood.
Ok, yeah, you are probably saying to me, “Anne, we know you don’t have kids, what do you know about scooters?” Well, first thing I can say is I am a big kid and yes, I have ridden scooters and enjoyed myself while doing it. I also struggle with learning to drive and am fighting my car phobias. This means I am limited to my hubby, rideshare, friends or “Alternative transportation”. Living in a condo, I don’t have room to store a bike, so these new electric scooters are awesome options for short jaunts around the neighborhood or running down to the corner store etc.  The Hover-1 Journey folds neatly in half for easy storage and doesn’t take up much space, It also only weighs 27 lbs which is surprising considering how sturdy it is. How cool is that!?
This is perfect for what I need and for a student. It has a range of 16 miles before it needs a charge, and it tackles hills at angles of up to 15 degrees effortlessly, so you can ride almost anywhere. This Hover-1 electric folding scooter has 8.5-inch tires that can handle rough terrain without a problem and a bright LED headlight. Hover-1 has done a good job making a safe as possible product.
Here are some important details about the Hover-1 Journey:
Reaches speeds up to 14 mph
You can ride anytime, anywhere.
36V UL certified battery pack
Simple to charge with the provided easy-to-use charger.
Foldable design
Offers a convenient, stylish, and exciting form of transportation.
Weight capacity of 220 lbs.
Ensures safe riding.
Electronic and foot brakes
Help the scooter come to a complete stop safely.
8.5″ tires
Allow for greater stability.
Whether you have kids, or are a big kid yourself, I can recommend you try out the Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter. For more detailed information, you can check out the link below or send me any questions and I will be happy to give you my honest opinion. I can easily recommend you shop for this and more electric scooters plus electric bikes and boards at Best Buy. Don’t tell my hubby, but Best Buy is not only one of his favorite places, it is in my top 5 fave places to shop as well!
PRODUCT PAGE: https://bby.me/fb6f6

#Ride Responsibly:
The purchaser and rider of this product are responsible for knowing and obeying all state and local regulations regarding the use of this product. It is highly encouraged that you read
and follow the product instructions including all safety precautions and use protective gear.
Unless I zoom past you first, I will see you online loves.
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  1. Jasemine Denise says:

    Wow!! I forget smaller forms of transportation like this exist. I live in Chicago and I just can’t picture an electric scooter traveling around the city but at the same time, it does sound dope.

  2. Catherine Santiago Jose says:

    That is such a cool scooter, I like it because it so easy to use and so easy to store most especially when you are living in a small place, my kids will definitely love this!

  3. Yeah Lifestyle says:

    We are going to be walking a lot more once school starts and I know this is going to be hard on my son who is younger. The Hover-1 Journey sounds like a good solution, I will be checking this out based on your review.

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