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3 Things We Can Learn from Makeup Techniques of Other Countries



Every country has its own beauty standards, and therefore there are lots of varying makeup and skincare routines to achieve them. Let’s take a look at what we can learn from these worldly traditions and the 3 Things We Can Learn from Makeup Techniques of Other Countries…

Look to Asia for prevention and protection

Asia is full of so many rich and inspiring cultures, a great place to look for makeup and skincare tips. Asia has lots of countries that have unique techniques and routines, often having in common the prioritisation of preventing damage and protecting the complexion. If you are hoping to achieve a smooth and clear complexion then here are a few things we can learn from Asia.

China has great skincare and lifestyle rituals to prevent pollution damage. Pollution is a big factor in premature ageing of the skin, so it is important to take the appropriate measures to prevent current and future damage. As a matter of fact, the pigmentation in Asian skin types is a natural protection against ageing, but this deteriorates with age which is why Asian cultures often focus on starting anti-ageing routines at a young age. Beauty routines in China often include vitamin C serums and facial peels that resurface the skin and eradicate uneven pigmentation. Thorough cleansing is often recommended to combat pollutants.

Japan also has great routines to treat the first signs of ageing. Creamy and smooth complexions are idealised in Japan, and there is a multitude of products designed to achieve this. Women are often taught about preventative techniques against sun damage at a young age, always wearing sunscreen, UV reflective shirts and carrying parasols.

Perhaps the most well-known Asian country for beauty routines is South Korea. It is not uncommon for beauty routines in South Korea to involve over ten steps! They popularized gentle water-based cleansers, as well as sheet masks and serums that are now sold worldwide.

Making the most of Africa’s rich resources

Recent years have seen West Africa’s traditional African black soap become a commonly used cure for eczema and problematic skin worldwide. It’s a soap made up of plant ash, oils and shea butter to help fight bacteria, perfect to tackle acne and rashes. This is a great product to tackle redness and irritation and is now widely available in most health shops.

Morocco is famous for its argan oil production, which is now a popular beauty product with many diverse uses. Perfect to nourish dry hair or skin, a lot of popular brands have begun infusing their products with this precious oil.

Natural beauty in Europe

European beauty routines are typically much simpler. The epitome of effortless beauty is the French beauty routine. Usually involving no more than three steps, the French value graceful ageing and rosy complexions. Micellar water is a simplistic and gentle cleansing option that doesn’t use soap, alcohol or oil – it simply removes dirt and makeup and encourages a natural and radiant glow. French skincare often focuses on products with simplistic and minimal ingredients, attempting to stay as natural as possible. Cruelty-free products are some of the most natural, often using botanical ingredients, and more brands such as Adore Beauty are now turning to cruelty-free methods – meaning that no animals have been involved in the testing of the product at any point of the manufacturing process.

Why not experiment with different beauty traditions, you might find the perfect routine for you!

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