Culinary Roadtrip with Chef Scott Commings – Salem, Massachusetts

There are a number of reasons I enjoy being an influencer. The people I get to meet, the unique experiences, places to see and of course, the #food.

This past week, I was able to combine all of these pleasures in one event. I was invited for the 1st time to the @downtowngrandlv to experience Las Vegas’ preeminent monthly dinner series, Culinary Road Trip. In honor of the spooky season, Season 12 Hell’s Kitchen winner and world famous Chef @ScottCommings is taking our taste buds to the historically spooky town of Salem, Massachusetts. Infamously known as the location of the witch trials of 1692. .

Salem is equally known for some amazing food influences. Chef Scott gave us some impressive interpretations of the historic cuisine.
Our 4 course offer started with Truffled Pumpkin Risotto served in mini pumpkins, Salted Cod and Potato Croquette, paired with: an Apple Cider Mimosa that had the perfect subtle sweetness to accent the course. .

Course 2 started with a Lobster Pie. The flaky crust didn’t overwhelm the pie, but wrapped the pie ingredients in a buttery flaky goodness. This course was paired with a Bishop Cocktail.

Our Third Course was a Slow Roasted Crispy Duck and Stuffed Baked Haddock. Accompanied by Ham & Peas Porridge that worked well with either dish. A Pumpkin Sage Gnocchi was a memorable treat which left me craving more. Perfect for the Duck & Haddock was Canyon Road Pinot Grigio.

Our Desert Course was an amazingly warm Baked Apple Dumpling. The subtle spice with the sweet and sour apples was baked in a light dough that held everything together without minimizing the fruit filling. The desert was elevated with an appropriate Fire and Brimstone Cocktail.

I would highly recommend that you plan your busy holiday schedule around the next Culinary Road Trip event on December 5th at The Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino. If you have never been, or have not been in a while, it is time you come and experience what they have to offer. The Downtown Grand is the perfect example the cultural shift that Downtown Las Vegas is experiencing. The Downtown Grand offers visitors the upscale feel of center strip properties, from the new industrial-Chic Casino .

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