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American Shield Backpack In Style



Being an Influencer and Blogger means I am always on the move. In the morning I could be at a Grand Opening event and in the afternoon I could have anywhere from one to three events that I need to attend. I have to stay mobile which means that I need my tools like my camera, cellphone, lights and a portable charger. I also have the need to change outfits, sometimes several times. Often, the Hubbies car back seat is full of things, but on occasion he drops me off and I am on my own, which means I need to have all my gear with me on the go along with my American Shield Backpack in style.

Because of this, I was excited to have received a great new backpack from American Shield. American Shield Backpacks and bags are all designed and made in the USA. This makes me feel good, because I know that the quality will typically be superior than some that are made with inferior materials. I also don’t have to worry that any workers (especially children) were taken advantage of making my bag.

The Backpack that I have been using is the Granite 25 in Coffee color. The bag is large enough for all my gear and a change of clothes easily. It has an inner compartment for my Laptop, 8 Smaller inner pockets, 1 front pocket, 2 external side pockets and a back pocket. Yep, thats a LOT of pockets! It has padded straps and a drawstring closure to keep everything extra secure.

The design is classic and looks like a top notch backpack. I love the style because it can be used in place of my purse, or I can use it as a real backpack for outdoor activities. The canvas and leather are really nice. They not only look good, but I can tell this bag will last me for years to come.

Are you guys fans of a useful backpack as well? Have you tried American Shield? I don’t think you will be disappointed if you try it out yourself. I recommend you go to and save a few bucks with the following discount code: 20% OFF Coupon:(AMESHIELD8020)


I hope you check them out yourself and find a style that best fits you. See you loves online!

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