SushiSamba Our Alternative Thanksgiving Dinner Plan

SushiSamba the best Thanksgiving dinner plan.


I am grateful for SushiSamba which is our alternative Thanksgiving dinner plan. As my regular readers and followers know, I spend a good deal of time at @grandcanalshoppes as it is one of my favorite Las Vegas strip locations because it has so much of what I need and want. Whether it is shopping, food or entertainment, they just have it all. There are so many quality dining establishments to choose from for every type of craving. This is why, with the Thanksgiving Day plans still up in the air, the hubby and I have decided to go to one of our favorite places to eat, @sushisamba.

Located in the luxury wing of The Shoppes, SushiSamba features a new (estimated at $2 million) remodel that features a canopied Tree Bar. Right in the middle of the bar is a banyan tree with orange leaves adorning the ceiling and illuminated by lights. The colors are just stunning and make you feel like you are in an autumn blooming forest. The new Tree Bar compliments the swirling ribbons of wood, walls displaying graffiti art and mid-century modern Brazilian tropical designed custom leather furniture. The atmosphere is truly open and inviting as well as visually stunning. The open air feeling is so welcoming.


We recently visited SushiSamba and sampled the menu and it made our decision easy as to where we will be enjoying our holiday meal. Offering unique flavors and dishes from Japan, Brazil & Peru, SushiSamba has a very diverse menu that will surely have something for every member of your family. They even have extensive vegan choices to ensure that every member of your family leaves with their bellies full, even sans the traditional holiday selections.

During our visit, we enjoyed a wide selection of items and I decided that I just had to let you know not only my favorites, but also which items had the hubby raving to everyone he saw for days. To be honest, he was still reminding me how happy he was as I was typing up this blog. He rarely is so vocal about our dinner choices, so you can be sure that he was more than impressed.

So, what did we have? Check our choices below and be sure to leave me a comment or any questions you may have. See you online, loves!


YELLOWTAIL CEVICHE TAQUITOS With avocado crema, aji panca sauce & spicy Peruvian pepper sauce (7/10)


JAPANESE A5 WAGYU BEEF GYOZA With kabocha purée and su-shoyu dipping sauce, sweet soy (9.5/10)


SASHIMI TIRADITO (RAW) YELLOWTAIL* jalapeño and lemongrass KANPACHI* yuzu, sea salt, black truffle oil, chive, garlic TUNA* granny smith apple, serrano, lime SALMON* kinkan honey, garlic ponzu, garlic chip (7.5/10)
SAMBA STRIP Maine lobster, mango, avocado, soy paper, lotus root chips, aji honey truffle (6.5/10)
SMOKED WAGYU UNI A5 wagyu and uni nigiri with white truffle oil, with gold flakes on top (9/10) *presentation (10/10)


SEABASS SKEWERS with Peruvian Corn (our fave!) With miso glaze (10/10, if I can give it 11, I will!)



MUSHROOM TOBANYAKI & ROBATA GRILLED FILET MIGNON *off-menu item. Ask if available Medley of Japanese mushrooms in a yuza garlic soy sauce with a poached egg (7.5/10)


SATA ANDAGI dolce de leche Japanese doughnuts, red fruit coulis, citron ice cream (9/10)



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3 thoughts on “SushiSamba Our Alternative Thanksgiving Dinner Plan

  1. Wow miss Anne ang ganda naman ang sarap magbasa ang ganda ng pagkakasulat. Salamat dahil sini share mo ang experience mo Jan. Anh ganda ng lugar ang sarap ng pagkain. Sa to too lang di ko Pa natitikman yan. Pero dahil dito sa blog mo. Parang naransan ko na din. Nakaka inspire ka nakakagaan ng loob tong blog mo. Thank you miss Anne. Please more blog Pa.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing Anne!!! I love Sushi Samba and their menu. You’re so creative in writing about how this could be an alternative to a Thanksgiving dinner here in Vegas!!!! Such a wonderful idea considering there are so many delicious restaurants to choose from in the city. Sushi Samba is one of the best!

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