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How to Stay Young and Stay Beautiful 100%

Stay Young. Stay Beautiful100%


Here’s how to stay young and stay beautiful 100%. We all have the dream of wanting to stay young, but we all have the reality of aging. There are the lucky few of you out there that will be late to the aging process, but for most of us, it’s going to start way too early. It’s a sad thought, as we lose many things with age. We’re suddenly not allowed to do as many things as we would before, such as hitting the clubs and not getting back until 6 in the morning! But doing things like that is probably one of the main reasons why some of us start the aging process so early. We treat our bodies exactly the opposite way of how they deserve to be treated, leading to a whole new world of problems, not just the fact that we’re aging! But life’s to short to dwell on the past, and as long as you had a good life, then you should look back with no regrets! So, if the reason you’re here is to stay young, and to stay beautiful, then we’ve got a few tips lined up for you that should help. Intrigued? Well then, have a read of the advice we’ve got below, and let us know if you have any of your own tips that help you stay youthful.



This is the one we want to talk about first, because we guarantee that you’re not going to have thought of this one. The power of love is amazing. Right from the moment you feel yourself falling during that honeymoon period, to the time where you’re saying ‘I do’ at the altar. Love is just a wonderful experience, and something that everyone should get to feel at least once in their life. The memories that can be made are like no other, and the way that  you know each other inside out is something you just won’t be able to find in anyone else. So, how does love keep you young you ask? Well, sometimes it can make you feel the exact opposite. We might as well warn you! If you’re in a relationship at the minute, you’ll know how amazing it is. But at the same time, you’ll know how utterly annoying it can be. The arguments, the stress, and everything else that comes with it. But rather than thinking of it as a negative, think of it as passion. The passion that love brings you is what keeps you young. Whether you look it on the outside, or feel it on the inside. Some experts say that being loved right up until old age, and feeling in love, helps to actually make you live for longer. But we’re not here to try and keep you on this planet longer, we’re her to try and keep you looking younger for longer. As long as you let your relationship bring the passion you need, we guarantee you’ll feel so much younger, and even look it, just from the happiness you’re feeling. Which leads us on to our next part, another key to staying young is actually being happy!




In a world full of so much hate, it’s easy to understand why it might be hard to feel so much happiness. But sadness and anger are both directly linked to the aging process, along with stress of course. So, turn that frown upside down, and find a reason to be positive again. Some people wake up and are instantly in a bad mood because they know they’ve got a day of work ahead of them, or they know they’re going to be doing something they don’t want to do. If this sounds like you, then why are you spending your life this way! If you’re someone who is always down about everything, remove those things from your life, and find things to be happy about. Get out and about and explore the world. Spend time with your friends. Your friends are generally the people who are going to be able to pick you up when no one else can. They’ll be able to make you laugh in the most silly way, and they’ll love you exactly like bestfriends should. Finally, make sure you’re making time for your family. Whilst you might feel like you’re going through the aging process, think how they feel! Time can so easily get away from you when you’re rushing around trying to do a million and one things, but you should always try and put your family first, no matter what! Once a week, dedicate a night to making sure you’re having dinner with them, or just having  a family night where you can have a good time.


Body Care


The more you care for your body, the younger you’re actually going to look. We’ve talked a lot about actually feeling young, so now it’s time to talk about what can actually make you look young. One of them is by getting rid of those fine lines and wrinkles that have no doubt started to pop up. It’s one of the main reasons why we feel as though we’re gaining, even if it’s just the smallest of lines. Neck lines in particular are something that people find really stressful, but they’re actually not that hard to get rid of. If you check out this page How To Get Rid Of Neck Lines | SiO Beauty, you should be able to find some help and advice, and maybe even book a cheeky treatment to make yourself feel amazing. You can also try some home remedies, such as making sure your skin is always moisturised, and you’re getting plenty of sleep each night. A lot of people don’t realise it, but when you’re not sleeping right and your not hydrated for example, the skin dries out, causing some fine lines to appear. Constant abuse of this is obviously going to add some wear and tear to your skin. Where possible, you should always make sure that you’re having at least 8 hours of sleep a night if you want to stay nice and fresh.


Private Treatments


This is a bit controversial, and not a lot of people will agree with having something done privately. By private, we mean cosmetic treatments that you wouldn’t be able to have done at your average hospital. Botox being one of them. Botox is a risky game to play. If you get it done by the wrong person, you’re going to end up with a shock when you first look in the mirror. If you have it done by someone who is really underqualified, they can overfill your face and lips, which can sometimes cause the skin to burst. Trust us, it’s definitely as nasty as it sounds! So, think about what you’re going for, and think about who you’re choosing to do the treatment for you before you give it a go. You should always make sure you’re reading up on recommendations. There are other treatments that people like to have done which are aimed at keeping you young. One of them is something such as a tummy tuck, or even things such as a butt lift. A butt lift is what everyone assumes the kardashians have had done, and to be honest,a  lot of them probably have! It works by increasing the circumference of your bum, and making it look all round more perky and big. Again, a risky treatment. Even if things go right in the beginning, you could still face side effects such as the implant bursting, flipping, or just causing general irritation. It’s the exact same with a bood job as well. So again, always make sure you’re doing your wider reading on the procedure that you might consider having done.


Don’t Forget Drug Store


So, we’ve talked alot about all of these scary sounding treatments, but don’t forget about the trusty drug store. There are so many different products that you could buy from there that are aiming to reduce the signs of aging. Anti-aging creams and serums are the ones that you should be trying. Most of them come in a day and night pack for optimum performance, but you just have to make sure you’re getting into a routine and using them properly. If you just use it as a one off, maybe one a week, then you’re never going to see the results that you want to see.

Accept The Skin You’re In


This is the final tip that we have for you. The aging process isn’t something that we can stop, but it is something that we can reduce the signs of. So we urge you to not get too carried away with getting rid of the signs of aging, and rather learn to love the skin you’re in. You’re beautiful how you are, and the aging process is something no one can escape, not just you!


We hope we have helped you today on your quest to reduce the signs of aging! Hopefully you’ll feel a million #dollars if you take some of them on board.

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