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In today’s fast-moving online and megastore world, we sometimes miss out on the friendly personalization that the traditional local Mom & Pop business typically brings. Especially in larger urban areas, the local store where they know your name, greet you when you arrive and actually go out of their way to not only know what you need but learn about you as a person is incredibly rare.



In Las Vegas, the focus near the strip corridor and downtown is often towards the tourist and occasional local shopper. For visitors or locals that are looking for Furniture, Home Decor or Holiday fare along with that more personal, friendly and small hometown shopping experience, I can highly recommend a trip to Santa’s Wrap. Located South East of the strip (About a 10 minute trip from the Strip). 9850 S Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 

Santa’s Wrap, as the title suggests, is a Home Decor and furniture store that specializes in the Holiday season and everything you can imagine to make your home the envy of even Santa himself! Originally opening in 2012 as a popup seasonal store, the store focused on Christmas themed items. Over time, owners Beth & Dave have transitioned their passion for finding great holiday deals to include general home decor and furniture. Now after the winter holiday season, they are able to transition their store from what looks like Santa’s showroom, to a traditional home decor and furniture store, yet with the same concept of hard to find (often one of a kind) items, still at 50% off the lowest sticker price!  

The current store schedule has them open to the public from Thursday to Sunday. This unique schedule allows Beth and Dave the time they need to personally scour the literal world for that unique one of a kind items that they can pass along to their customers at below market tremendous prices. Up to 80% of the items they sell are one of a kind items you just won’t find anywhere else. Hours: Thur-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm.

So, if you are looking for a deal on furniture, home decor or you want to find the ultimate place to do all of your holiday-themed shopping without blowing your holiday shopping budget, then Santa’s Wrap is the destination for you. The bonus for me is the feeling you get while you are there. It’s not just the endless expanse of holiday items that make your time there special, it’s all the little subtle things that add up to the whole experience. From the classic oldies music playing while you shop, the relaxation corner complete with a flat-screen TV, comfy couch for that person in your life who just needs to decompress while you shop, or maybe catch up on the latest game. Having that uninterrupted time to browse the store is a must. There are just so many items to choose from, you will want that time to stroll. 

So, if you are looking for the best deal in town for your home decor, furniture or holiday items and want that Hallmark movie warm feeling while shopping along with friendly home town style Mom & Pop service, then I would highly recommend that you head on over to Santa’s Wrap for all your holiday and home decor needs. Tell Beth and Dave that Anne sent you.


Do me one other favor. Once you have visited, come on back here to my blog and send me a comment about your experience. I want to hear about your experience and see if you leave as full of holiday spirit as I do every time I go. See you online loves!  


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