Where to go in San Diego California?

Where to go in San Diego California?



A few months back the hubby and I took a drive from our Las Vegas home down to San Diego, California.  San Diego is known as one of the most beautiful cities to be found in California and for that matter the (World?) west coast of the US. San Diego originally started as a Port City and developed by Mexico and later by the United States later as a strategic location for military purposes.

As is the case in most all major cities these days, San Diego has transformed itself into not only a beautiful residential city for people that love beauty, peace & quiet with beautiful ocean views and beaches for miles, and has also become a world-known tourist destination. San Diego natives likely get a little complacent about the beauty found in the city, sort of like the hubby and I who live in a city that has its own tourist reputation, we can recognize the additional beauty that comes from a place such as San Diego with the rolling hills of the interior regions such as Escondido & Miramar the beauty is wide-ranging and far beyond the obvious appeal of the world-class beaches.

Our trip would be made that much better because we were invited to stay at The Cassara Carlsbad by Hilton to come to check out one of their beautiful Suites. The hotel has much of the high-end expected appeal you would come to expect from a Hilton property. The Cassara is part of the Hilton’s Tapestry Collection which allows the hotel to have some independence, yet still enjoy the points and backing of the Hilton brand. The room we had consisted of a one-bedroom suite with the main bedroom being part of the living area with a small alcove area for business/computer work and also a living room area with its own separate 55 inch TV. In the main sleeping area with a large queen size bed accompanied by a flat-screen TV well (55 inches also). The living area is appointed with a sofa and chair for relaxing. Perfect for families or for those larger parties there is a separate bedroom sleeping area with two double beds with a 3rd flat-screen TV as well.


Another big plus to San Diego is they are a top location for good food. From great breakfast locations to amazing dinner spots for fine dining by the bay, you will not be lacking good food while you visit this amazing city.


One other location that we just would be remiss to not mention is Balboa Island and the world-famous and infinitely photographed Hotel del Coronado. This amazing piece of California Architecture history was opened in 1888 and boasted the most modern amenities at the time such as electricity and world-class accommodations. To this day, it remains of the most visited hotels in the west and remains a top destination for millions of visitors per year. Check out some of our visit here


Stay tuned to my blog for more travel destinations and details about my hopefully never-ending exploration of our beautiful world. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what you like best about San Diego or where you hope to go when you make your 1st visit there.


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